Pandu Not Involved in Land Settlement Dispute, Claim Family Members

 - Sakshi Post

VIJAYAWADA: In a new twist to the recent gang war incident in Vijayawada, the family members of Pandu claimed that he was not involved in the land settlement dispute, which led to one of the ugliest street fights in the city's history.

“When Pandu went to collect Rs 15,000 that was due to him from Pradeep Reddy, Sandeep was there at the time mediating the land settlement. Sandeep became furious as he did not like the presence of Pandu there. Later, Sandeep came to our house and had an altercation on the issue,” Pandu’s kin maintained.

The family members also made a startling revelation that it was Sandeep who had actually plotted to kill Pandu when the latter asked him to come down to Patamata for negotiations. After provocations by each other, the two along with their gangs broke into the fight using knives and sticks. Sandeep died of the deep cuts he received on his neck during the fight, Pandu’s family members said.

On Friday, The Vijayawada police arrested 13 persons in connection with the incident. The arrested persons including gang leader Pandu alias Manikanta were presented before the media before Vijayawada police commissioner gave out the details of the case.

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