Panchayat Elections: This Man From Narasapuram Inspires Villagers, Says His Vote Is Not For Sale

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AP PANCAYAT ELECTIONS 2021: Even as cases of candidates and their supporters trying to woo voters with money and gifts in the State of Andhra Pradesh, which is currently in the midst of panchayat elections, are being reported, there is one family in Kopparru village in  the State who proves otherwise and this his vote is not to be sold for notes.

Political parties are trying to do whatever is in their capacity to ensure that their candidate wins which in some cases is not going down well with people. In this context, a man from West Godavari district has shown political parties and local sarpanch candidates that they cannot buy his vote in a unique way.

The man in question here is Kopparru Kanta Rao a resident of Kopparru village in Narasapuram mandal in West Godavari, expressed his opinion in a different way where he wrote on the wall of his house that, 'the votes of this house will not be sold'. His words are said to be thought-provoking, motivating the villagers and reminding them of the value of voting rights. In the  Telugu message painted on his wall reads as

‘People were not given a sword ... voting right was given as a weapon. The decision  lies in your hands whether you want to fight like kings or be defeated and sell your votes to become slaves. Votes in this house will not be sold. Vote is a weapon, do not waste it for caste, category or money,'' he wrote.

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Kanta Rao had said he had this message painted on his wall during the last elections itself . "We have not stooped so low to take money for votes,'' he said. Speaking further, he said that votes are to be cast voluntarily for a good person. He said his entire family had taken a unanimous decision to not take money for the votes in their house. Inspired by him, many people in the village wrote similar messages on the walls of their houses. 

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