Palamaner: Upset over Traffic Jam Near School, UKG Student Complains To Cops

Palamaneru: Upset over Traffic Jam Near School, UKG Student Complains To Cops - Sakshi Post

CHITTOOR: A six-year-old UKG student studying in a school in Palamaner in Chittoor district, made headlines after a video of him meeting the local Circle Inspector seeking his intervention to solve the traffic problems near his school.

The incident came to light on Thursday after the video went viral on social media. As per reports the cute boy identified as Karthik, a student of Adarsha School, was seen complaining to the Palamaner CI  N. Bhaskar about the road constructions works being undertaken near his school. Apparently, the boy was so vexed with the construction work and the traffic issues, that he asked his father as to who should he complains to about the issue. His father told him that he had to speak to the police about it. Karthik pestered his father to take to him to a police station and went straight to the CI’s room and vented his angst against the traffic snarls in front of his school.

The boy explained his plight to the CI that the JCB and other machinery were blocking the way to the school causing grave inconvenience to him and his fellow schoolmates.

The boy asked CI Bhaskar to come to his school and clear the traffic problems as the students. Bhaskar assured Karthik that he would clear the traffic problems and send a constable for the purpose. The boy demanded that he should only come and clear the traffic. The CI asked him to call him in case of other problems and the boy retorted asking for his mobile number. The CI had no option but to write it down on a piece of paper and gave the boy his contact number.

Appreciating the six-year-old boy’s maturity to come forward and complain about the traffic woes to the cops fearlessly, CI Bhasker offered the sweets to the UKG student. We assured him that we would solve the traffic problems at the earliest,” the CI said.

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