Ontimitta Kodandarama Swamy Brahmotsavam Begins

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Sri Ramanavami Brahmotsavam began with the hoisting of the flag on Wednesday morning at the temple of Sri Kodandaramaswamy in Ontimitta. In the wake of the second wave of Covid-19, the Brahmotsavam will be a low-key affair at the temple till April 29.

From 9.15 am to 10.15 am, a flag hoisting ceremony was held at Mithuna Lagnam to mark the Pancharatra Agamasastra. Navakalasapanchamrithabhishekam was performed to the flagpole to invite all the deities, Ashtadikpalakula Brahmotsavam. The flag hoisting ceremony was held under the patronage of Rajesh Kumar Bhattar, Chief Kankanabattar of the temple. 

Due to the Covid - 19 outbreaks, the flag hoisting event was held with a minimum number of people in attendance.

The function was attended by Temple Deputy EO Shri Ramesh Babu, AEO Muralidhar, Superintendents Venkatachalapathy, Venkateshya, Temple Inspector Dhananjayulu, and other officials.

Submission of silk garments: 1

Rajampet MLA, TTD Board of Trustees on the occasion of flag hoisting on the first day of Brahmotsavam, Members Meda Mallikarjuna Reddy and his wife presented silk garments to Kodandramaswamy.

Śēṣavāhanaṁ: Remnant vehicle:

On Wednesday night, the first day of Sri Kodandaramaswamy's Brahmotsavam, Sri Seethalakshmana Sametha Sri Ramula will be seen on the relic vehicle. There will be a solitary vehicle service at the temple from 8 pm to 9.30 pm.

Adisesha is very close to Swami. Sheshu was incarnated as Lakshmana in the third birth and as Balarama in the second birth. He was the forerunner of the Nityasuras of Srivaikuntham, and Sesha was in charge of the land. The remnant vehicle is especially a testament to slavery. With that devotion, the negativity is removed and humanity, from its divinity, and then the ultimate meaning of life is realized.

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