Never Thought I Would Meet My Parents Again: Telugu Boy Prashanth After Release From Pakistan

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VISAKHAPATNAM: The four-year ordeal of a lovelorn young man caught in Pakistan, finally ended on a happy and emotional note, after he was reunited with his family members on Wednesday at Visakhapatnam.

Speaking on the occasion, Prashanth's father Babu Rao said expressed his gratitude to the Central and State Governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for helping bring back his son safely. He said that Indian officials were in constant consultation with Pakistani officials for his release. As a result, Prashant's parents were able to see him return safely.

'' We spent many sleepless nights thinking about him and we almost lost hope and thought we would never see him again,'' an emotionally charges Babu Rao said while speaking to the media.

Our neighbours in the apartment supported us and we were also provided assistance by a non-profit organization called Sahayata to whom we are ever grateful, he said. He also thanked Cyberabad CP VC Sajjanar for all the help he extended when Prashanth disappeared in 2017 and when the video was released in 2019 about his detention in Pakistan.

Prashant was also moved to tears after reuniting with his parents and brother and said that he never thought he would meet his family again. Speaking further Prashanth said that there were many people who were languishing in Pakistan jails for various reasons. He said that he had given a list of those jailed there to the Indian government and requested that steps be taken to bring them back to the country as soon as possible.

He recalled the incident on how he entered Pakistan at the India-Pakistan border. He said no one caught him there and he travelled about 40 kilometres in the desert. On the second day, the highway patrol vehicle caught him and he was shifted to Bhawalpur jail in Pakistan. He said that he used to pray to Lord Shiva while he was in jail. He said he read many books while in prison and also requested the Pakistani authorities to give him software and engineering books to study. Expressing hope that he would get a good job back in the software field and start a new life, Prashanth said that he would soon start applying for new jobs. On a final note, he said that people should listen to their parents for their own good and no one should end up struggling like how he did.

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