Nellore: Ayurvedic COVID Medicine Supply Temporarily Suspended

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Nellore: Scores of people gathered at Krishnapatnam in Nellore for ayurvedic Covid medicine. After the news spread many people from across the Telugu states are now thronging Krishnapatnam to take the medicine. 

As reported, Sarvepalli MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy formally launched the distribution of the ayurvedic preparation along with practitioner B Anandaiah. But, it was suspended after scores of people reached the place to collect the drug, violating Covid protocols.

As per the details, B Anandaiah, a resident of Krishnapatnam, developed several traditional ayurvedic remedies to combat Covid. For critical Covid Patients, he is giving eye drops which are being prepared using Honey, one kind of eggplant, and Thoka Miriyalu (cubed pepper).

However, the district administration dispatched a team of officials, including the District Medical and Health Officer, Nellore RDO, Ayush wing doctors Dr. G Gangadharam (Rasa Sastra), Dr. K Sekhar (Kaya Chikitsa), and Dr. K Raja Narasimha (Dravya Guna), to investigate the drug's effectiveness and potential side effects.

Colonel Ramu of Ayush said in a statement that samples of drugs provided by Anandaiah for corona control in Krishnapatnam were collected and tested at a laboratory in Hyderabad. The drug's ingredients are in the right proportion, as per the preliminary study. It can take up to a week to complete test results.

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