Nandyal YSRCP Leader Brutally Murdered

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Nandyal’s YSRCP leader and popular advocate Vuduru Subbarayudu was done to death brutally on Friday. He was bludgeoned to death while he was doing his morning walk in a park in Nandyal.

Subbarayudu went for a morning walk with his wife Arunakumari and daughter-in-law Vasantha. Later, while he continued to walk, his wife and daughter went to fetch milk. When they found that Subbarayudu did not return home, they began searching for him. They would his body lying in a pool of blood. The police, who were informed about the incident, rushed to the spot with Clues Team and the Dog Squad.  MLA Silpa Ravichandra Kishore Reddy rushed to the spot and consoled the members of the bereaved family.

It may be recalled that there was an attempt on Subbarayudu even during the Nandyal bypoll. He was attacked on August 14, 2017. However, he managed to escape with minor injuries.

Family sources suspect that the TDP workers, who bore a grudge against him for his active role in the YSRCP, may have attacked and killed him. Some also suspect that personal enmity could be the reason for the deadly attack.

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