Nandigama Suresh Slams Raghurama Krisham Raju

 - Sakshi Post

Andhra Pradesh: YSRCP MP Nandigama Suresh has criticized Narasapuram MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju and said that he is a person who doesn't know anything. He said that it is better for him to turn a fortune teller and predict what is going to happen in the future for others.

He further added that MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju is not even going to the constituency and is sitting in Delhi.

Speaking to the media on Friday at the AP Bhavan in Delhi, MP Suresh said, "It is a pity to see a man who doesn't know what is going on in the state."

He further asserted that they have brought stay orders for the wrong deeds they have done in an illegal way.

Nandigama Suresh wondered how he could say Dalits shouldn't speak to anyone. He asked if Raghurama Krishna had any values or humanity. He also raised suspicion that Raghu Rama Krishna was also part of the Amaravati land scam.

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