Mogalthuru: AP Govt Announces Smrithi Vanam In Memory Of Actor Krishnam Raju

AP Govt Announces Smrithi Vanam In Memory Of  Krishnam Raju - Sakshi Post

MOGALTHURU: The Government of Andhra Pradesh government announced that a memorial park in the Mogalthuru coastal area would be established in the honour of the veteran Telugu actor and former Central Minister U Krishnam Raju who passed away recently.

Tourism Minister RK Roja and Cinematography, I&PR Minister CH Venugopalakrishna, and Government Chief Whip Prasada Raju arrived at  Mogalthuru in West Godavari district on Thursday. On the occasion of the Krishnam Raju Memorial Sabha, they interacted with the Prabhas as well as his uncle Krishnam Raju's family.

The memorial service was organized at Krishnam Raju's residence and the Ministers attended the event on behalf of the AP government. The Ministers expressed their condolences to Prabhas and the family members of Krishnam Raju.

Speaking to the media after meeting them, RK Roja said that the AP government has decided to grant two acres of land for the establishment of the Krishnam Raju Smrithi Vanam. Minister Roja heaped praises and said that Krishnam Raju had excelled in the fields of cinema and politics, and his death was a great loss to everyone. She said that he was a personality who was loved and respected by all people and parties.

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