Maoists Kill Tribal Suspecting Him To Be Police Informer

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VISAKHAPATNAM: Suspecting him to be a police informer, Maoists killed a tribal belonging to the Adivasi community in the district on Sunday night. The incident occurred in Vakapalli village of G. Madugula mandal in the agency area, just a few hours after police gunned down two Maoists on the Andhra-Odisha Border area.

The tribal Gemmeli Krishna Rao was eking out a living through farming. According to Krishna Rao’s wife, her husband was dragged out from their home when they were sleeping by more than 30 armed men. They said that they would talk to him and send him back, but instead they took him to the Anganwadi building close by and cut his throat and left his body there.

They were said to belong to the Pedabayalu-Korukonda area committee of the CPI (Maoist). They left a letter at the spot, which said that he was indulging in activities against the welfare of people and sending information to the police about their movement. Despite several warnings he did not pay heed, hence  they killed him , they wrote. They also said that people who were acting as police informers did not mend their ways would meet the same fate, they warned.

Krishna Rao's body was taken by ambulance to the Nurmathi Outpost for Panchanama by the Police. Meanwhile, the police termed the killing of the PVTG tribal a desperate act by the Maoists who were losing their grip over the Agency areas. 

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