Madanapalle: Blind Faith In Fake Baba Forces Parents To Get Medico Daughter Married, Deets Inside

 - Sakshi Post

Another shocking incident has come to light in Madanapalle town of Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district. A person believed in a fake Swamiji's words and ruined his daughter's life. The daughter, who was studying medicine, was married to one of the followers of Swamiji. After a few days of marriage, parents of the girl came to know the truth. Immediately, they filed a complaint in the Chittoor police station.

Going into the details, Venkat Reddy of Thamballapalle constituency, B. Kothakota turned as Swamiji and with the help of a follower named Charan, he used to cheat devotees with his lies.

A person who believed in Swamiji's words fixed the marriage of his daughter with Charan, the follower of Swamiji. Venkat Reddy trapped the person by saying that if the marriage doesn't take place then there is going to be a huge loss.

Frightened by Swamiji's words, the person got his daughter married with Charan without thinking about the future of his daughter. Very soon after the wedding, the girl was tortured and was mentally harassed. The parents who realised that they have been deceived by Swamiji and Charan, lodged a complaint against them. Police who registered the case are investigating in all the possible angles. Swamiji and Charan are absconding.

Recently, parents from Madanapalle, allegedly killed their two daughters and the crime is linked to occult practices. Purushottam and Padmaja, well educated persons murdered their two children - Alekhya and Divya on January 24th. During the investigation, the couple said that they were guided by unseen forces of nature and they killed their daughters following the instruction from some forces.

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