Love In COVID Centre, Marriage After Cure; Amazing Love Story From Guntur

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GUNTUR: Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the entire world is turning upside down. Maintaining a safe distance from the fast-spreading coronavirus has become a difficult proposition. The number of people getting infected with COVID-19 is soaring by the day. Some are showing symptoms while some others are asymptomatic to the dreaded virus.

The nightmare of having to spend in a hospital for COVID-19 treatment is driving some into depression. But there are many who are showing resilience to fight the virus and coming out of treatment with a smile on their faces and becoming inspiration to many.

The last few months of the COVID-19 distress threw up some awe-inspiring stories. But none of them can beat this love story where Covid seemed to have played Cupid.

A young software techie working in Hyderabad was recently infected with coronavirus. Consequently, he moved to his native place Parchuru in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh before admitting himself at a private hospital in Guntur. A young woman from Chilakaluripet of Guntur district, a fresh Engineering graduate, was also diagnosed with the dreaded disease. She was also admitted to the same hospital where the protagonist of this story is getting treated.

The two were in the same COVID-19 ward and what’s more, they ended up in beds right next to each other. The initial friendly chit chat became more intense as the days began passing by. Spending time in the COVID-19 isolation ward, far away from families and friends, they found a strong source of strength and confidence in each other. As they kept supporting each other, they became much closer and soon realized that they were in love. It was a double delight for the two as they not only conquered COVID-19 at the end of the two-week quarantine but even saw a special relationship blossoming between them.

Without wasting any time, they went home and revealed their love matter to their parents. Coincidentally, the two belonging to the same community made things easier as it smoothly removed the caste barrier from the equation. With the two families giving their approval, the two got married at a temple in Ponnuru on July 25th. The newly-wed couple still find it dreamy as everything happened in a jiffy within three weeks – from their falling in love to their marriage with the consent of their elders!

The amazing love story happening during the coronavirus pandemic is going viral on social media as one of the most fascinating positives happening in the midst of adversities. Surely, this is a story where COVID played the Cupid..!

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