Little Chittoor Boy Raises Funds For COVID-19 Patients In UK

 - Sakshi Post

LONDON: A five-year-old boy Kunchala Aneeshwar from Chittoor district, who lives in Manchester (United Kingdom) wanted to help people who are facing problems during COVID-19. The boy wanted to donate his piggy bank money but that was not enough, he wanted to raise funds on a larger scale.

In this process, a 100-year-old man named Sir Thomas Moor showed a way to the little kid. Sir Thomas Moor raised funds to provide treatment for the COVID-19 patients in the UK by walking 100 rounds around the circle.

Inspired by this, the little kid started "Little Pedallars Aneeshwar and Friends" in May with 60 children. Together, they cycled 3,200 km and raised Rs 3.7 lakh funds. The total amount was donated to India and he also started a Cricket Challenge to support the UK.

Now, the photos and videos of the boy have gone viral on social media. Meanwhile, Deputy High Commissioner To Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Andrew Fleming congratulated him on his feat.

Elected representatives in the UK are making a queue to meet the Telugu boy. Warrington South MP Andy Carter hailed him for his achievement. Another MP Charlotte Nichols will be meeting him on August 6.

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