Lemon Prices Hiked After Demand Grows For COVID Immunity Booster

 - Sakshi Post

 Kakinada: Lemon prices are soaring as people are having lemon juice to boost Vitamin C which builds immunity against Covid-19. Shockingly, lemons in the state are in shortage.
 The lemon prices have increased between Rs 2,500 and Rs 4,500 per 45-Kg bag in the wholesale market.  As per sources, the lemon crop is cultivated on more than 60,000 acres in districts like Nellore, West Godavari, and Prakasam. Because of floods in the last year, the crop has damaged, and now, it is in the growth stage. 

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At present, the size of lemons was small yet, high price. Traders in Kakinada market are getting orders only for 35–45 bags per day, as against 100 to 200 bags previously,” said R. Gangadhar, a wholesale trader of lemons. 
Horticulture deputy director S. Rammohan advised farmers to grow the crop wisely based on seasons for getting a good crop and prices.

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