Superstitious Villagers Refuse Funeral; Pregnant Woman's Body Tied To Tree In Nallamalla Forest

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KURNOOL: In what can be termed as an ultimate barbaric act, the dead body of a pregnant woman was not given the honour of last rites and instead it was left tied to a tree. The shocking incident happened in B. Nagireddipallem, within the Rudravaram Zone of Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh on Saturday, June 27. This is a case of superstitions of villagers overshadowing humanity and the basic courtesy of last rites that the corpse of a dead woman deserved.

According to reports, Lavanya (20), the pregnant woman who died,  hailed from B. Nagireddipallem. She got married to Dharmendra about one and a half years ago. A pregnant Lavanya was taken to the Nandala government hospital on Friday night for delivery. But due to the negligence of doctors, she died without giving birth to the baby on Friday night.

Shattered by the tragedy, Lavanya's family members brought the dead body to her hometown B. Nagireddipallem to perform the last rites on Saturday.

But the villagers played villain, stopping the family from performing the funeral in the village under the pretext that a pregnant woman dying without delivering the baby would spell doom to the rest of the villagers.

Instead of lending a shoulder to the grieving families of Lavanya to cry on during the tragic time, the villagers of B. Nagireddipallem ordered the family members not to perform the last rites of the woman in the village as well as outside.

Left with no choice, the family members had taken her body into the Nallamalla forest area and tied the body to a tree near Appannapalli before returning to the village. 

This incident came to light on Sunday when a few farmers of Rudravaram, Gonapalle and Appannapalli noticed Lavanya's body being tied to the tree with a rope. With the horrifying sight sending a shiver down their spine, they ran away from the place.
The incident was later reported to Sub-Inspector Ramamohan Reddy, who, when reports last came in, was making arrangements for giving the honour of a funeral to Lavanya's lifeless body.

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