Kurnool: Farmers Get Lucky Find Diamonds Worth Lakhs In Tuggali

Kurnool: Farmers Get Lucky Find Diamonds Worth Lakhs In Tuggali mandal  - Sakshi Post

KURNOOL: Two families in the Kurnool district got lucky after they found diamonds in farm lands that were worth several lakhs. A farmer's family and a laborer's family found diamonds in Tuggali Mandal of Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

As per reports in Sakshi a young woman from  G. Erragudi, from a  farmer's family went to her castor farm to clear the weeds and she stumbled upon a glittering stone. She immediately went and showed it to her family members and they confirmed that it was rough diamond, much to their joy.

 It is a common phenomenon for people to find diamonds and coloured stones in the agricultural fields in Jonnagiri, Peravali, Pagidirai, Tuggali, and Maddikera in the district which come out of the soil after the autumn rains.

The diamond which weighed about 10 carats was purchased by a merchant syndicate belonging to Peravali, Gutthi, and Jonnagiri who paid Rs 34 lakhs and 10 Tolas of gold to the family.

In another instance, a woman who went to work to pick tomatoes in Jonnagiri found a colored stone. She showed it to a merchant who confirmed that it was a diamond and bought it for Rs.6 lakhs. So far this year, seven diamonds have been found in Jonnagiri, G. Erragudi, Pagidirai, and Girigetla villages in the district.

People come from many districts of AP and Telangana states come to the district in search of diamonds and coloured stones, especially during the rainy season. This year, farmers in Jonnagiri have posted security guards to prevent outsiders and diamond hunters from crowding the farmland.

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