Kurnool Farmer Stumbles Upon Diamond Worth Crores in Agricultural Land

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Kurnool: It is not uncommon to hear of farmers in the Kurnool district finding precious stones in their fields. Jonnegiri, Pagidirai, G Erragudi, and Peravali are among the places where diamonds have been found so far.

The rain that has been lashing the Telugu states for the past two days led to the discovery of one such diamond. A local farmer discovered a valuable diamond. While working on a field in Chinna Jonnagira of Thuggali zone in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, the farmer discovered this valuable diamond.

The diamond alone was worth Rs One Crore and Twenty-five Lakhs. The diamond was auctioned off to precious stone and gold traders. However, diamond sellers at the same open auction said the stone was worth more than Rs 3 crores. The farmer's family, on the other hand, was ecstatic when the rock fetched them Rs One crore 25 lakhs.

When a farmer arrived at the farm, he was drawn to a glittering stone. The farmer, who was taken aback when he first saw the stone, eventually opened it and took it home, believing it to be a diamond. He quickly showed it to a local trader, and it appears that he paid Rs. 1 crore and 25 lakhs for it.

The diamond, which is 30 carats in weight, is estimated to earn more than Rs 3 crore in the market. Other traders have expressed their dissatisfaction over the deal. The farmer who received such a significant sum of money did not tell anyone about his good fortune, and it appears that the dealer sought to keep it a secret as well. Fortune in the form of a diamond knocked on the door of the impoverished farmer's house, who was surviving off the land and only believed in farming. The farmer saw the stone while preparing the land for sowing groundnut seeds.

Villagers claim that seven years ago, a guy from Jhonnagiri discovered a diamond worth Rs 37 lakhs. Each year, the area has been known to unearth up to 50 tiny and large diamonds during the early rains. For almost 40 years, diamonds have been discovered here, and visitors from all over the world come to seek diamonds in the red soil.

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