Kuppam Municipal Elections: Jr NTR Fans Letter Against TDP Candidate Viral

Kuppam Municipal Elections: Jr NTR Fans Letter Against TDP Candidate Going Viral - Sakshi Post

CHITTOOR: A letter purportedly written by fans of Telugu actor Junior NTR and posted on social media urging the electorate not to vote for the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in the Kuppam municipal elections has created a stir in the town, especially with the elections going on Monday. The contents of the letter however have become a point of discussion in the town which goes like this.

'The man who has prevented us from erecting the Flexi boards of Jr NTR and even launched attacks twice against us for invoking the name of Jr NTR is now contesting today as the Municipal Chairman on behalf of the TDP. Now the time for every injured Jr NTR fan has come. Let us show them the taste of revenge and ensure the defeat of the TDP in all the wards that Nara Lokesh has visited. An Jr NTR fan can be hurt, but when the time comes, he can inflict irreparable damage. Let’s show them that,' the letter stated.

The letter being released exactly one day before the elections from Jr NTR fans urging Kuppam people not to vote for the TDP has sparked outrage in the party cadre. Understanding the gravity of the situation, the TDP activists have taken steps for damage control and have launched a counter statement that the letter was fake, through social media platforms favourable to them.

Whether the letter was genuine or not is a matter of debate concerning the timing of the information that too just before the Kuppam elections here.

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