Krishna District: Village Volunteer, Family Expelled For Auto Ride With Ostracised Man

Krishna District: Village Volunteer, Family Exprelled For Sharing Auto With Ostracised Man - Sakshi Post

Village Volunteer, Family Expelled By Caste Elders, Police Yet To Register Case

KRISHNA: As social stigma continues to be prevalent in the country, a village volunteer and his family were expelled by the village elders of a particular community in Krishna district, for travelling in the same auto with a man who was earlier ostracised by them.

This inhuman incident which came to light rather late took place in Gollegudem, near Choppametla at Agiripalli mandal in Krishna District.

As per the victim's family, Gampa Pangideshwara Rao and Dhanalakshmi from Gollagudem went to a church in Gorantla, Guntur district along with their daughter Manasa and son Praveen Kumar who was working as a village volunteer on March 7.

On their way back, Juvvanaboina Vijay Babu, a person who was evicted from the same village seven years ago, came to the village while travelling in the same auto along with them.

Gampa Rathayya, who belonged to the same community as the village elders took their photo along with the man and informed the elders of the same. Not only did he inform them, he even posted the pictures in the local WhatsApp groups.

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The next day, the village elders called the family members of volunteer Praveen Kumar and sought an explanation as to why they were travelling in the same auto with the ostracised man.

The hapless family stated that they had nothing to do with him and had only travelled in the rented auto. However, the elders found fault with them and ordered them to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 or leave the village. Even as they protested against the injustice, the elders assaulted the village volunteer's mother Dhanalakshmi for questioning them. The family could not object to the judgement and left the place.

On the 28th of March on the eve of Devara Jathara a religious festival in the village, Praveen Kumar took Rs 5,000 to pay the fine. The elders refused to take the money and asked him as to why they had not left the village. The community elders and members announced that if anyone in the village who spoke to the volunteer's family or provided them even with water would be fined Rs 10,000.

The ostracised family went into hiding and are currently staying in the house of relatives in the neighbouring Vadlamanu village. With the help of relatives, Dhanalakshmi went and lodged a complaint with the police, however, the police are yet to register a case yet. 

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