Kadapa Woman Gets Farewell From Social Worker After Family Refuses Body Over Religious Conversion

 - Sakshi Post

The last rites of a poor woman from Andhra Pradesh who had died in Saudi Arabia were performed on Friday in the Arab country. The deceased was from Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. According to reports, the deceased was identified as Kondru Raji and was working as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia.

It is said that the family members refused to take the dead body of Kondru Raji owing to financial problems and on the other hand, they had differences with her as she had adopted Islam. 

She had two daughters and her husband died long back. She died on January 21. She was admitted to a hospital Al Khoba in Saudi and she died of a heart attack.

It is said that one of the daughters of the woman was a widow and the other was a divorcee. They have been living in rented houses where the owners wont give permission to perform funeral rites at their places, it is said. The daughters couldn't afford the cost of bringing the dead body of Kondru Raji back to India. Nass Shoukat offered his help and paid the cost of transportation from the airport, cremation, and funeral rites in Kadapa as per Hindu tradition.

Nass said that, "When I was about to prepare burial for her according to Hindu tradition, the family of her sponsor told me that Raji was practicing Islam. Raji was buried in Al Khobar as per Islamic rituals after Friday prayers."

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