Jobless Woman Software Engineer Sells Vegetables For Livelihood In Warangal

 - Sakshi Post

WARANGAL: Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, people all over the country are facing tough times, and many are hit by the financial crisis. Many are left jobless forcing them to take whatever that comes their way, despite their educational qualifications.

Software engineer Sarada from Telangana, who had lost her job due to lockdown crisis, had never lost her hope of making her livelihood. She sells vegetables in Warangal district and has turned as an inspiration to others with her positive approach towards life.

Sarada took the decision to help her parents during these tough times.

Speaking to Sakshi, she said she worked at Virtuesa Technologies as a performance and quality assurist. Sarada said that she joined the company just three months before the lockdown and worked there for a period of three months.

She said that the company had informed her that they had to lay her off as they were unable to pay employees salary due to lack of projects.

Answering the reporter's question over feeling any regret for choosing this job, after working as a software employee, she said, "I am not having any regrets like that, as I have taken up this job to help my parents and this is for my survival. Sometimes losing a job is regretful, but it's okay I can survive with doing anything," she said.

While answering to the way she is coping up with the mental stress of losing the job, Sarada replied, "when we have our hands and legs, brain then god has given us everything required to work hard. She advised all the people who were losing jobs during the tough times to have a positive way, and don't get negative thoughts in the brain."

Unemployment is rising day by day in the country. Workers are losing their jobs with the lockdown being implemented due to the COVID-19. Many people lost their jobs in various fields. As a result of the lockdown extension, it is predicted that around 12.2 crore people have already lost their jobs in the country, according to the latest figures. Unemployment in the country has risen to 27.1 percent.

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