Jagadamba Theatre Not Just a Multiplex, But an Emotion For Every Vizag Movie Lover

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For residents of the Telugu states, the city name Vizag conjures up images of Beach, Andhra University or Simhachalam temple. But, for movie lovers, Vizag is synonymous with the iconic 'Jagadamba Theatre'. Do you know that the theatre celebrated its 51st anniversary on Monday?

Vegi Bhadrachalam aka Rambabu, who was earlier the owner of Ramakrishna movie theatre saw Chennai's Safire theatre and decided to build his dream project and give people of Vizag a great cinematic experience in 1970.

The Jagadamba theatre was launched by the then Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Narsinga Rao. While Rambabu was puzzled about the name of the theatre, it was named Jagadamba after his mother. The first movie screened at the theatre is "Where Eagles Dare".

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After that, Rambabu never looked back as people thronged in massive crowds from all parts of the city and from across the state. The theatre became a huge craze and hangout point, particularly for collegegoers and youngsters. The name of the location changed from 'Yellammathota Junction' to "Jagadamba Center" owing to the popularity of the theatre. So Jagadamba is a landmark in Vizag.

There were upgrades made to the theatre in terms of latest sound technology and projection systems. In addition, video-games hall came up in the same complex – making it the first multiplex theatre complex in Vizag with 1016 seating capacity.

Even in this Era of Multiplexes, Jagadamba Theater always holds a special place in every vizagaite's heart.

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