How Good Governance Earned Public Acclaim for AP CM YS Jagan

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Amaravati: Since the completion of the two-year rule for the YS Jagan government in Andhra Pradesh, people are busy congratulating the CM on his tenure and all that he managed to achieve in this short time. All the schemes, programmes that he implemented in the state are being appreciated.

The schemes are such that it helps everyone. From urbanites to those living in the villages, CM Jagan’s decisions have helped all. The youth of AP was able to get into government volunteer jobs. 

To help the jobless youth in the state, they were made volunteers for village and ward secretariats. This helped more than 3 lakh youngsters. Not only did the worried youth get a job but also door-to-door delivery of the scheme benefits was made possible through this. Ensuring corruption-free implementation of plans, premium to help people is credited directly into their bank account without any middlemen.

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Ensuring everyone’s welfare in the state, the AP government made sure that their schemes are implemented well, that includes all. There are so many different schemes like Jagananna Amma Vodi scheme, YSR Aasara, YSR Cheyutha, YSR Sunna Vaddi Runalu, JaganAnna Vidya Kanuka, ManaBadi Nadu-Nedu and others which helped in the development of the state and empowerment of women.

Women were given higher posts in the office. Out of the total of 86 posts of Mayors and chairpersons, around 60 per cent are held by women, that is 52 posts. Talking about the BC Corporation, of 728 posts of chairpersons and directors, 368 are held by women.

Almost 50 per cent reservation was done for SCs, STs, BCs and minorities on the social front. The YSRCP managed to keep the promises made in the manifesto even with the spread of Covid19.

As we know, YS Jagan Reddy came into power on 30 May 2019 and not even a year later, the pandemic hit. What is being commended by the people is that AP managed to fight coronavirus by implementing good plans and schemes. The vaccine program, lockdown, curfew implementation and other such decisions helped AP in this fight.

The Andhra Pradesh citizens congratulated CM Jagan and his party on all that they managed to achieve in a short time. Sharing that they cannot wait to see what the ‘People’s leader’ has further planned for the state.  

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