Guntur TDP Leaders 'Missing In Action'

 - Sakshi Post

Where are all the big names of the Telugu Desam in Guntur and why are they silent? The party wants to keep the Amaravati issue alive and wants to add more gun powder, but the leaders, who can sway the people, are missing in action.

Even as the Amaravati agitation by some farmers has crossed 260 days, many Telugu Desam' leaders from the politically hyperactive Guntur district are not to be seen on ground. Come to think of it. Amaravati is in Guntur district. But, leaders like former minister Prattipati Pulla Rao, senior leader Dhulipalla Narendra, Kommalapati Sridhar are not to be seen in these protests.

If our sources serve us right, these leaders are now busy setting their businesses right. They are said to be focusing on their realty ventures and business works. What is more worrisome is that these leaders are not even visiting the party headquarters these days. They are confined to their homes. As of now, only one of two leaders like Nakka Anandababu and Alapati Narendra are active. It is these two leaders who are addressing press conferences. The big names, who were all over the place during the TDP regime are conspicuous by their absence.

One wonders what will make them active again!!

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