Govt Advisor Sajjala Refutes Report of Illegal Mining in Andhra Pradesh 

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Amaravati: Refuting the Opposition TDP’s allegations, Government Advisor (Public Affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy made it clear that there was no illegal mining since the inception of YSRCP government and slammed opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu for misleading 
people with malicious campaigns.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Sajjala said Chandrababu was trying to mislead the public by displaying morphed images in the photo exhibition, to divert them from the State government’s initiatives. He said that the State is going with a balanced approach without damaging the environment, unlike the previous government, which violated the rules and ended up paying Rs 100 crore as a fine to the National Green Tribunal. 

Unlike the previous government, where rampant illegal mining prevailed, he said that there has been no such illegal activity since the YSRCP government came to power. He said that the mining department is functioning as per the regulations and even secured two awards from the Centre for its efficient performance, besides taking tough action against those violating the rules.

Sajjala made it clear that it was natural to have mining when there is construction activity for getting materials like cement, sand, and iron, to take up development works like restoring roads and building 31 lakh houses. He stated that Naidu was trying to hold back the construction activities to irk the government and pull people away from YSRCP. Recalling the YSRCP Plenary, he stated that lakhs of people have come to take part in the meeting even in heavy rains.

Responding to allegations of Chandrababu Naidu, Sajjala stated that there is no illegal mining at Rishikonda in Visakhapatnam and said that there was construction activity at that place even during the TDP regime. He criticised Naidu for resorting to such cheap politics and falsely alleging the government.

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