Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi Turns Saviour For Poor Woman In Need Of Artificial Skull Replacement

Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi Turns Saviour For Poor Woman - Sakshi Post

VIJAYAWADA: Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi Mohan turned savior for a woman who was in dire need of a complicated surgery to restore her skull. The woman and family had appealed to the Gannavaram MLA for financial aid. Moved by her plight the MLA not only made arrangements for the surgery but also paid for the surgery which will take place shortly.

As per Sakshi reports, Dutta Udaya Kiran of Hanuman Junction, Bapulapadu Mandal was a daily wage laborer. His wife Pavani (22) met with a road accident at Kesarapalli in Gannavaram Mandal last year. She had hit her head on the road which resulted in a blood clot in her brain and the left side of her skull was severely damaged. Pavani's family members admitted her to a corporate hospital in Enikepadu and the doctors there operated twice on Pavani's brain.

Although the damaged part of the skull was preserved for a few days for surgery, the doctors later stated that it was completely damaged and an artificial skull had to be implanted. They also informed him that they were not capable of performing such a complicated surgery. Uday by that time had spent more than Rs 10 lakhs for the surgeries and medical treatment and had no other sources of money left.  Not knowing what to do the couple decided to approach the Gannavaram MLA and seek his help. Pavani told him that she wanted to live and that they had two children to take care of and implored Vamsi Mohan for financial aid. Looking at the condition of the 22-year-old, and moved by the hardships they were facing, the MLA  assured them of help. He spoke to the doctors of a corporate hospital and sent her there for examination.

After examining Pavani's head, the doctors said that if an artificial skull part made with Coppa 3D technology was replaced and the brain implanted in it, then she could survive. The doctors also informed that it would cost Rs 3 Lakhs to make the artificial skull. Without any hesitation, MLA Vamsi Mohan made arrangements for the money and sent it to the hospital to enable them to create the artificial skull part. The MLA's office said that Pavani’s surgery would be completed soon and the doctors would replace her partial skull.

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