Gajuwaka Police Arrest Youth for Procuring and Selling LSD Drugs 

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Visakhapatnam: Police arrested a youth, identified as Girish Teja Naidu, and recovered 63 LSD drug packets from him in Gajuwaka on Saturday. 

The surveillance team suspected that Teja was not only consuming the synthetic drug but also selling it in the city. The police said Teja would procure the drugs from his friends on Instagram. He would buy the synthetic drug packet for Rs 1,000 and sell the same for Rs 2,000. 
After keeping a close watch on his movements for some time, the police conducted a raid at Teja house and arrested him. 

Visakhapatnam police commissioner Srikanth told reporters that the police are investigating the contacts of the accused and gathering all the details about the drug peddlers network. He said local drug peddlers are procuring the drugs from Hyderabad, Bangalore and Goa and selling it in the city. 
He added that after the setting up of an Anti-narcotic Drug Cell in the city, they have registered 94 cases related to trading of drugs, ganja and anaesthetic injections.

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The police commissioner had advised the parents to keep a close watch on the behavioural changes in their children. And, if they notice any symptoms of depression or abnormality, take their children to Marpu counselling centre.

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