Fire Staff Rescue Six Year Old Girl, Stuck Between Two Walls In Ongole

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ONGOLE: In a swift operation, Fire department staff rescued a six-year-old girl who was accidentally stuck in a groove between two walls at Indiramma colony in Ongole on Thursday. The girl was identified as Meenakshi. Fire staff rescued her after a two-hour-long operation.

As per details that came in, the six-year-old girl Meenakshi, daughter of Krishna, was playing when she got herself accidentally stuck in a narrow groove between two building walls that are very close to each other. With too little space to wriggle out of the groove, the girl was unable to come off it on her own and began screaming for help.

Hearing the girl's cries, her parents and some neighbours rushed to her rescue but were helpless in taking her out of the narrow groove.
In their desperation, they used several methods like dropping a rope and even a bamboo stick so that she can come out safely but all that went in vain. Realising that it was all getting out of hand, the girl’s father informed the fire services department about the incident. District fire officer Srinivas Rao and Ongole fire officer Y Venkateshwarlu along with their staff drove down to the incident spot and brought the little girl out to safety. Using modern machinery, they broke the walls partially to create the necessary space for the girl who was later brought out safely and unhurt. Local residents appreciated the fire services personnel’s efforts in rescuing the little girl from danger.

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