Fire Accident at Electricity Substation In Simhachalam

 - Sakshi Post

Simhachalam Substation Fire: Fire broke out at the RR Venkatapuram Transco substation in Simhachalam 

Early Thursday morning, a 10/16 transformer at the Transco power substation in Simhachalam, Visakhapatnam, caught fire. Transformers blew up and made a lot of noise. The neighborhood was blanketed with dense smoke. Before the fire spread to the remaining transformers in the substation, the power supply was safely switched off.

Overnight, the power supply was disconnected. After receiving a report, the fire department dispatched three fire engines to the scene and extinguished the fire. Three firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire. High temperatures, according to Transco DE, triggered the fire at the substation. He stated that power is currently being restored. The incident caused extensive property damage, according to authorities.

The transformer involved in the accident was set up 25 years ago, officials said. EPDCLSE said the power supply through the substation was restored from the remaining transformers after the fire was completely brought under control. He said the accident would have caused heavy property damage and a team of officials would investigate and confirm to assess the damage.

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