Finally, Kanna Lakshminarayana Wakes Up

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Finally at long last, former AP BJP president Kanna Lakshminarayana is back into political activity. The other day, he joined the protests against the burning of Antarvedi temple ratham. He also addressed the media on the issue. He even participated in the fasting protest organized on the issue.

Kanna Lakshminarayana has gone into a hibernation ever since he was replaced by Somu Veerraju as the AP BJP president. Sources said he had gone into a depression over the way he was replaced. They say that Kanna was hopeful that he would get another term as the state president. But, the party chose Somu Veerraju, who is not just junior but also inexperienced. This has left him depressed. For a few days, he did not even meet the party workers.

Now, Kanna is back into action and this is a good sign for the BJP. Interestingly, Kanna was more vocal on the issue of the burning down of the chariot than Somu Veerraju himself. Somu was very subdued on the issue.  Now, there are rumours that Kanna will take up Hindutwa issues more strongly than Veerraju and will try to emerge as a vocal Hindu leader. Let’s see how things pan out. 

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