Expat Back To AP From UAE After 14 Years After Lawyer Helps Waive Off Over Rs 1 Cr

 - Sakshi Post

DUBAI: In a moving story, a lawyer and social worker helped an Andhra man to come back to his motherland after 14 years after he got a fine waiver of over Dh 511,200 (USD 139,177) or approx 1.02 crore.

According to Gulf news, 41-year-old Baskari Raghavlu hails from Andhra Pradesh and it was possible for him to return home only after help from Sheela Thomas. She also bought a ticket for him to fly back to AP.

Thomas was quoted saying in the report, “He was struggling for accommodation. He was living off the generosity of some other blue collar workers. He just wanted to return home and see his daughter for the first time in his life. I then took up his case.”

He had come to USE in 2006 and got injured in a road accident while travelling in his company vehicle. He tried to get compensation from the company where he worked through a lawyer who took his passport.

Raghavlu to sustain himself and his family took up odd jobs.

The Andhra man during one of the amnesty programmes by the UAE government had even managed to secure an outpass to leave the country but could not as he did not have the money for flight tickets.

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