Ex-MLA Looking To Leave TDP

 - Sakshi Post

This former MLA should win top honours in party-hopping. If our sources serve us right, he is again trying to change the party. Former Giddalur MLA M Ashok Reddy is now making every effort to rejoin the YSRCP.

 Ashok Reddy was given the YSRCP ticket to contest from Giddalur assembly constituency in 2014.He had won the elections, but soon left the party to join the TDP. He was one of the 23 turncoats from the YSRCP, who ditched the party to enjoy power and pelf as ruling party members in TDP. In 2019, he was pitted against YSRCP candidate Anna Rambabu and lost badly.

Now, Reddy is in political wilderness. The latest about him is that he is now trying to come back to the YSRCP. He is said to be reaching out to a minister from Prakasam district and is trying to impress upon him that his future lay in the YSRCP. It remains to be seen whether the YSRCP forgives and accepts him into the party.

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