Endowments Department Notification For Lease of Temple Lands

Endowments Department Notification For Lease of Temple Lands - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Principal Secretary for the Andhra Pradesh Endowments department, Anil Kumar Singhal has issued a preliminary notification amending the lease terms in agreements for leasing lands under the endowments department, excepting nonagricultural lands, and giving preference to companies registered in the State. As per the notification 30 days, time was given for the public to send their objections on the matter.

If the provision mentioned in these notifications comes into effect, any lease agreement with temples within the state should submit documents to show that they have paid taxes within the State. of AP.

In order to properly utilize the commercial lands in State that have been lying idle, the Endowments department had decided to lease them out in a transparent manner. The government will identify endowments lands in urban areas, which are not being properly utilised and lease them out on a long-term basis in a transparent manner. 

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