Donkey Meat Price In AP Rises, People Believe Eating It Increases Strength, Virility

 - Sakshi Post

Most of the people in Andhra Pradesh are believing in the myths that consuming donkey meat will heal back pain and asthma and also increases sex drive. Now, in AP and some other Southern states, the donkey meat has got more demand and the price of it has been increased.

According to the reports, donkey meat is highly conusmed in the areas of Prakasam, Krishna, Guntur and West Godavari districts. As a result, the population of donkeys is decreasing in the state. The slaughter of donkeys is prohibited under Slaughter House Rules, 2001. A kilogram of donkey meat is Rs 600 and the cost of a full-grown animal is Rs 15-20,000.

Animal welfare activist Gopal R. Surabathula speaking to a news agency said that, "Donkey meat is mostly being consumed in the districts of Prakasam, Krishna, West Godavari and Guntur." 

He further added that, "The state government must protect the donkeys. Law enforcement must save the donkeys from ending up on our dinner plates. Otherwise, people will have to go to the zoo to see donkeys."

G Nehru Babu, who is the joint director of animal husbandry in West Godavari, said that slaughtering of donkeys is illegal and further assured that they will take strict action against those who indulge in the crime. He stated that people believe in false news and that makes them drink milk and eat meat of donkeys.  

There were many myths around drinking the milk of donkey and eating the meat of donkey. Some of the people believe that drinking donkey's blood would make them run fast and some of the fishermen who reside in Vetapalem village coast in Prakasam district would drink donkey blood before going to fish in the Bay of Bengal.

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