Despite Ongoing Floods, Polavaram Project Authority Team Happy With Progress

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East Godavari: The Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) has expressed satisfaction over the smooth progress of the Polavaram project despite the ongoing floods in the Godavari River. A team led by PPA CEO J Chandrasekhar Iyer, PPA member Secretary MK Srinivas, along with other officials arrived in West Godavari on Monday inspected the work of Polavaram Project Spillway, Upper Coffer Dam, Lower Coffer Dam, Earth Cum Rock Fill Dam (ECRF) and the Power Generation Center. They instructed the authorities to further expedite the dam works at the lower cofferdam and pay special attention to the rehabilitation of those displaced due to the project.

Satisfied with the speed of work on the upper cofferdam during the floods, he suggested that the lower cofferdam be completed by the end of the month. They suggested the ECRF foundation wall should be re-examined once the water between the upper and lower cofferdams has been completely drained. According to the guidelines of the Central Water Board (CWC) and the Dam Design Review Panel (DDRP), the vacant space in the river bed between the cofferdams should be developed in a Vibro Compaction procedure and complete the ECRF work on time. Project CEO M. Sudhakar Babu briefed the PPA  team on the progress of the work.

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New Delhi: The National Monitoring Committee on Rehabilitation and Compensation of the Land Resources Division (Union Ministry of Rural Development) will meet on Wednesday to discuss the implementation of rehabilitation and compensation (R&R) projects. In the video conference meeting, they will also review the implementation of rehabilitation and compensation for the Polavaram project.

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