COVID-19: After Neighbours, Family Refuse Entry, AP Woman Spends 2 Days On Road

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NELLORE: In one of the most inhuman acts during the COVID-19 times, a woman infected with coronavirus was denied entry into her apartment and also in-laws’ house. As a result of the insensitive move, the victim was forced to spend two days on the road. This shocking incident, which flies in the face of basic human courtesies, took place in Nellore of Andhra Pradesh.

According to details, the woman, along with her husband, has been residing in the 15th division of the city. The husband was the first to get infected with the virus and was shifted to Narayana Hospital for the treatment. Later, his wife also tested positive for the virus prompting her to go to the hospital to get admitted.

But the hospital denied her admission citing scarcity of beds and instead advised her to be under home isolation. Left with no other option, she returned to her apartment residence but to her shock, her neighbours in the apartment complex did not allow her to step into her flat.

Shunned by the neighbours, she then went to her in-law's house which is in 14th division hoping that she would find the shelter to recuperate. But even her parents-in-law denied her entry into their house fearing COVID-19 infection. Following this, she was forced to spend two days on the road.

Coming to know about this heart-wrenching episode, Minister Anil Kumar immediately sent 15th division YSRCP in-charge Venkateshwar to the woman’s in-law's house and even spoke to the mother-in-law and the woman over phone. 

The minister later directed Narayana Hospital to admit her for treatment before ordering Joint Collector Prabhakar Reddy to ensure that such inhuman incidents don’t happen again. With the district officials responding swiftly on the minister’s instruction, the woman was admitted to Narayana Hospital where she is currently being treated for the virus.

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