Controversy Ends, Venkatadri Swamy Declared Pontiff of Brahmamgari Mutt

Eldest son, Venkatadri Swamy Declared Pontiff of Brahmamgari Mutt - Sakshi Post

The controversy related to the successorship of the Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami Vari Matham (Brahmamgari Mutt) in Kadapa district ended with the appointment of the Venkatadri Swamy, the eldest son of the first wife of Veerabhoga Vasantha Venkateswara Swamy as the seer of the religious body on Saturday.  Sri Veerabhoga Vasanta Venkateshwara Swamy's death had necessitated the new appointment,  and now his eldest son would now be the head of the  Brahmamgari Mutt.

Attempts at reconciliation between the family members of Veerabhoga Vasantha Venkateswara Swamy and the Sivaikyam group proved fruitful after few weeks of dialogue as to who should head the Mutt. The heirs of both families came to a consensus. Venkatadri Swamy, the eldest son of the first wife, was entrusted with the responsibilities of the 12th seer of the Brahmangari Mutt while the second son Veerabhadra Swamy, the second son of the first wife, was appointed as his next Uttarakadhikaari. It was also decided to appoint one of the sons of the second wife Mahalakshmamma as the future successor.

A 20-member team of Seers had come to  Brahmamgari Matham last week and declared Veerabhoga Vasantha Venkateswara Swamy first wife's son Venkatadri Swamy as the successor.  The Saiva Sakthi Peetadhipathi and Viswa Dharma Parirakshana Vedika (VDPV) president Siva Swamy said that as per Hindu Dharma and Matham traditions, Venkatadri Swamy was having all eligibilities to hold responsibility as the successor of his father.

Vasantha Venkateshwara Swamy had two wives. Venkatadri Swamy is the eldest son and Veerabhadra Swamy is the second son of his first wife. Vasantha Venkateshwara Swamy had two sons from the second wife Mahalakshmamma. Since both the sons were minors, she said she would head the Mutt as Matru Sri till her eldest son would become a major and then anoint him. Meanwhile, Venkatadri Swamy’s younger brother Veerabhadra Swamy too claimed ownership of this Peetham which created a furore and further complicated the issue. The Andhra Pradesh State Government under Endowments Minister Vellampalli Srinivas had to intervene and held discussions with all the stakeholders. The local Mydykuru YSRCP MLA S Raghurami Reddy too interceded and helped in arriving at a consensus.

Potuluri Veerabrahmam who was famous for his preachings and mainly future predictions of the world (like the French astrologist Nostradamus) stayed in Kandimallayapalli in YSR Kadapa district and had entered Jeeva Samadhi in the year 1693.  A temple structure was built around his tomb and worshipped by many Saivaites from across Telugu states and neighbouring Karnataka.

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