Chittoor Dairy Farmers Cheated By Heritage Foods In The Name Of SNF

Heritage Foods Cheating Chittoor Dairy Farmers in the Name Of Solid Not Fat (SNF) - Sakshi Post

CHITTOOR: Heritage Dairy, the N Chandrababu Naidu family-owned company has been allegedly cheating dairy farmers under the name Solid Not Fat (SNF), during milk collection. Around 1.41 lakh liters of milk are being collected daily from nine Heritage dairies in Chittoor district. The price is determined by measuring the butter and fat percentages with a lactometer during milk collection. As per reports in Sakshi, the company pays only Rs 17.97 per liter for milk where the SNF is 7.69 percent and fat 0.75 percent.

In most of the heritage centers in Chittoor district, dairy farmers are being cheated and paid less price. However, it is paying Rs 25 to Rs 27 per liter of fat as part of the SNF at Shivshakti Dairy in Gollapally, Srija Dairy, and Amul Dairy at Madanapalle. With the difference in rate, one can understand the prices that farmers are being paid. Despite the higher the percentage of butter, the dairy farmers are being paid a lower price.

-Heritage pays Rs 18.09 per liter for milk containing SNF 7.79 percent and 4.19 percent fat.
-If the fat is 3.10 percent and SNF is 8.06 percent for milk it buys it at Rs 23.52 per liter.
-If the fat is 3.10 percent and SNF is 8.08 percent it purchases milk at Rs 27.97.

But with the same percentages as mentioned above the company is purchasing milk from Amul and other companies at Rs 33.24 to Rs 40 per liter.

If the required fat and SNF percentage are not there in the milk then the milk should not be purchased. But Heritage is making money by buying milk that is not of inferior quality and making dairy products with it and selling those products at high prices in the market, in defiance of the regulations.

Heritage paid Rs 17.97 per liter to, a dairy farmer named Balakrishna in Chittoor district. He was paid almost the same for 20 days at the Heritage milk collection center in Bellamwari village, Rompicharla mandal, Punganur constituency. He was also once paid Rs 16.65. Not just him several dairy farmers like Bhaskar, V.Gangireddy, Pasupuleti Rani, Harinath, Nagamma, Kiran, etc. were paid similar bills in the month of January. Apart from them, Heritage milk collection centers in the surrounding villages are paying low prices.Check the prices below:

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