Chandrababu's Old School Also Repaired Under Nadu Nedu: YSRCP MLA Alla Ramakrishna

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TADEPALLI: YSRCP MLA  from Mangalagiri Alla Ramakrishna Reddy stated that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy believes that education is the main weapon for poverty eradication. With Mana  Badi-Nadu Nedu comprehensive changes were being brought in schools. However the vernacular paper Eenadu was spreading vicious propaganda on the Nadu Nedu program. Speaking at a media conference held at the YSR Congress Party headquarters on Friday, RK as he is popularly known said, "CM YS Jagan is following Dr. BR Ambedkar's footsteps and renovating schools. But the news is that the schools in my constituency are not good is what they are writing. Do they even know that the schools are being developed in a phased manner, he questioned.

"Isn't Chandrababu the cause of the plight of our schools? Did he ever get out of his car and inspected the schools,” he questioned. The first phase has already been completed and the second phase has commenced. The people of the State are appreciating the work done by YS Jagan with regards to school development. We were told long ago that the school Chandrababu studied in was in a bad state, but that was also being repaired by the AP Government. But does this good work appear as news items in their papers, he scoffed.

"When Chandrababu took huge debts and spent them at his own free will there was never single news item written by them. But when our leader takes them and spends it for the welfare of the people they spread malicious news, the Mangalagiri MLA alleged. Chandrababu is using his corrupt mind, to spread such fake propaganda when were are working towards the development of the children. Chandrababu is making them write such news items to bring disrepute to the Government because he is not the CM’s chair, he said. People will not sit back and watch if Chandrababu wants to discredit the government, the old days are gone and people are smart enough to know who is doing good, RK asserted.

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