Chandrababu Naidu Should Explain Why Moti Mahal Was Dismantled: Sanchaita  

 - Sakshi Post

VIZIANAGARAM: Simhachalam Devasthanam Trust Board chairperson Sanchaita Gajapatiraju on Saturday hit out at Opposition Telugu Desam Party over spreading misinformation over the removal of three lanterns pillar in Vizianagaram town.

"It is painful that former CM Chandrababu Naidu  & former Union Minister Ashok Gajapathi spreading misinformation about ‘Three Lanterns Pillar’. The truth is that it will be restored after the renovation work is complete," Sanchaita tweeted.

"Ashok Gajapathi and Nara Chandrababu Naidu should explain why the Moti Mahal built in 1869 was dismantled instead of being restored as a heritage site when Ashok Babai was Chairman of MANSAS. Why was my grandfather Maharaja PVG Raju's history & legacy desecrated? Vizianagaram wants to know," she further wrote.  

The district administration has said that it had demolished the structure as part of development work and will reinstate it. Municipal commissioner SS Verma said that it was removed as part of the city's development work and a new structure will be built in the place of three lanterns, and will be completed in 15 days, he said.

Along with the three lanterns, the national emblem was shifted to the corporation's office.

The removal of the 'Three Lanterns Pillar' took a political turn with the Opposition taking exception to the decision of the district administration to remove the structure.

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