Chandrababu Naidu's Faulty Strategy Hits Srikakulam TDP

 - Sakshi Post

Thanks to Chandrababu Naidu’s faulty decisions, the TDP in Srikakulam district is on a downward slide. The district, which has always been a citadel of the TDP, is in utter disarray. The party is now without a proper leadership. Atchen Naidu, who was the patron for the party activists, is in trouble himself as he has been arrested in connection with the ESI scam.

Now senior leader Gauthu Shyamsunder Shivaji’s daughter Gauthu Sireesha has been made the party president for Srikakulam district. However, Sireesha is said to be not interested in the position and has requested the party president to relieve her. She said she wants to focus on her constituency of Palasa.

Meanwhile, firebrand leader Kuna Ravikumar is interested in becoming the party president. But, Chandrababu Naidu is said to have asked him to focus on Amadalavalasa constituency alone. The reason? Amadalavalasa is the constituency of Assembly speaker Tammineni Sitharam. Sitharam’s strong attacks on the TDP is a cause for the worry for the TDP. So, Babu wants Ravikumar to focus on Amadalavalasa only.

So, one does not want the post, but Babu wants her to stay. Another wants to be district president, but is not being given the post. Strange are Chandrababu’s ways. The end result? TDP is fast losing ground in the district.

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