Chandrababu Did Nothing to Uplift Weaker Sections: YSRCP Leaders 

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Amaravati: YSRCP leaders hailed Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for strictly adhering to the policy of social justice and allocating 58 per cent posts of the chairperson of various corporations to the BCs, SCs, STs and minorities, which is like never before in the history of any State and embarking on the new generation of politics.

Addressing media at multiple venues, the leaders welcomed the decision and stated that of the total 137 state and district level nominated posts announced, 58 per cent were given to SCs, STs, BCs and minorities and more than 50 per cent of them are women, setting Andhra Pradesh as a role model to the other states in the country. 

They slammed Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu, who served as chief minister for 14 years and has 40 years of experience, for neglecting the downtrodden in his tenure. They have demanded Naidu answer what he has done to develop weaker sections and backward communities during his rule.

Deputy Chief Minister Dharmana Krishnadas lauded Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for committing to social justice in all the way right from the allocation of seats to the distribution of posts to all sections. For the first time in the history of the state, BCs were given a top priority in all political nominations from cabinet composition to nominated posts. Of the five Deputy Chief Minister posts, four are reserved for SCs, STs, BCs and minorities, which also includes a woman, he said and added that those who work hard will always be recognized. He said while other parties have confined the backward classes to vote bank, the Chief Minister has been strengthening the weaker sections politically, socially and financially.

Deputy Chief Minister K Narayana Swamy said YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is the only Chief Minister who has included SCs, STs, BCs, minorities, and political empowerment, where even women were given a niche position. He stated that the Chief Minister had also prioritised the downtrodden communities in the welfare programmes and slammed Chandrababu, the Chief Minister for the last 14 years, to not implement any such welfare initiatives that benefit weaker sections. He questioned Naidu whether he saw these communities as humans.

Minister for Roads and Buildings Malagundla Shankara Narayana said that the Chief Minister has been working hard for the progress and upliftment of the downtrodden and stated that the government is a true reflection of Mahatma Gandhi’s Grama Swarajyam. He stated that the Chief Minister has been implementing several welfare and development programs in the state for the backward classes in a way that has not been implemented by any government in the country. He said that the people are very happy with the current government and would support the government and stand by the Chief Minister in the near future. 

Minister for Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Marketing Seediri Appalaraju said that the Chief Minister had done justice to all sections in all aspects. He lauded the Chief Minister for empowering the backward, oppressed sections of the SC, ST, BC and minority communities who have been omitted from political representation. The Minister said that the government has given top priority to BCs from local bodies to the Rajya Sabha posts, fulfilling a distant dream of the poor having political power.

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