Bapatla Woman in Florida Dies in Paragliding Mishap

Bapatla Woman in Florida Dies in Paragliding Mishap - Sakshi Post

A  family holiday turned tragic when a Telugu woman from Bapatla district of Andhra Pradesh died, and her son and nephew were injured in a paragliding accident in Florida.

The deceased, identified as Alaparthi Supraja (34), was a native of Mankenivaripalem in Santhamanguluru mandal. She is survived by her husband, A Srinivasa Rao, and two children - Akshith and Adhira. The family had recently moved to Florida from Chicago. 

As per a report in the NBC News, the incident happened on Monday around 5:30 p.m. when Supraja Alaparthi was parasailing with her son, Akshith Alaparthi, 10, and nephew, Vishant Sadda, 9. The parasail slammed into a bridge in the Florida Keys after the captain cut the line tethering them to a boat.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said in an incident report that the wind began to pick up, causing the parasail to peg and the parasail was being controlled by wind gusts instead of the vessel's captain, which could impede "the safe operation of the vessel."After the parasail was pegged, the captain cut the line tethered to three victims. They were dragged across the water till the parasail hit a bridge, the report states.

Supraja's father, T Srinivasa Rao, is a former ZPTC member and her last rites are expected to be performed later this weekend at Supraja’s in-laws' village in Chintapudi, Bapatla district. 

This incident comes just two days after a 26-year-old Telangana youth drowned in a water body near Florida. The victim was identified as Kante Yashwanth, a resident of Subashnagar, Vemulawada town who was pursuing higher studies at a university in Florida.

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