Bangaru Bonam Offered To Goddess Kanaka Durga Atop Indrakeeladri

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VIJAYAWADA: Keeping up the tradition, a group of devotees from Telangana travelled all the way from Hyderabad to offer "Bangaru Bonam" to goddess Kanaka Durga atop the Indrakeeladri on Sunday.

The temple chairman Paila Sominaidu and Executive Officer (EO) Suresh Babu have welcomed the devotees.

Bhagyanagar Sri Mahankali Jathara Bonala Utsavala Ummadi Devalaya Committee members in good numbers arrived here to worship the goddess.

As part of the tradition, the devotees performed rituals at Jammidoddi and from there they reached the Kanakadurga temple via the ghat road.

The committee president  Gajula Anjaiah said they offered Bonam in a golden vase.

The committee had been organising this event here to promote peace and prosperity among the people of two Telugu states and he also expressed

happiness over offering the Bonam to the goddess. In view of coronavirus, the event was a low-key affair.

Speaking on this occasion, the temple chairman Paila Sominaidu said the Shakaambari Utsav had ended after performing purnahuti.

The Utsav has been conducted in adherence to the union health ministry's guidelines to contain the spread of coronavirus. He also said that devotees can get darshan of Kanakadurga goddess in the form of Shakambari Devi. As coronavirus measures are in place, only a limited number of devotees are permitted for the worship.

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