Atchen Naidu's Silence Baffles Chandrababu

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TDP North Andhra biggie Atchen Naidu  has gone into the silent mode. These days, he is keeping a low profile and is not responding on any issue. Even after the release from the jail on bail, he has not made any comment on his prison days. Usually, very ballistic, Atchen Naidu is maintaining a studious silence on any issue.

Ever since his release, not just Atchen Naidu, but even his family members in politics like K Rammohan Naidua and Adireddy Bhavani are keeping a very low profile. Sources close to the Kinjarapu family say that the family is unhappy that the TDP and its chief Chandrababu Naidu have not reacted the way they should. They feel that the party did not do enough.

They feel that the battle in the ESI scam is now their own and that the party is not going to defend them the way it should. This has upset the Kinjarapu family and this is said to be the reason for their silence. Sources say that the family is also viewing Chandrababu’s offer of making Atchen Naidu the party AP president with suspicion as the post literally means nothing. This is just an ornamental post with no real value, said a TDP leader with close links to the Kinjarapu family.

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