Araku MP Goddetti Madhavi Takes Part In Sowing Activities In Her Land

 - Sakshi Post

VISAKHAPATNAM: Araku MP Goddetti Madhavi, who is a Member of Parliament, has actively taken part in the farming activities in their land on Tuesday, June 23. Being an MP, she never stepped back or hesitated to actively take part in the agricultural works, which is the main livelihood of their family.

MP along with few others ploughed the land and sowed seeds in their agricultural land, on Tuesday. Madhavi's father Gudi Devudu is a former MLA.

She took part in farming activities in her fam which was between her home town of Sarabhannapalem village of Koyyuru Mandal in Visakhapatnam and Nimmagadda.

Sharing her views over the farming, MP said that from her childhood agriculture was a habit which she had learnt from her family, especially from her father who is a farmer. She further added that she used to take part in all types of Social programs right from her childhood.

MP who is always seen busy with their responsibilities has now got some free time due to COVID-19, is now utilising it by taking part in the farming activities. Farmers across the state had started sowing activities with the timely onset of the monsoons.

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