AP's COVID Testing Strategy Works, Positive Cases In Educational Institutions At 0.3%

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The state of Andhra Pradesh is one of the very few to reopen schools and colleges in the country post the Covid-19 outbreak. While certain people with vested interests tried to instill fear in students citing the possibility of educational institutions turning into ‘super spreaders’, the statistics say otherwise. The positivity rate pertaining to educational institutions ( schools + higher education institutions) stands at just 0.3 % . Only 1,491 individuals ( students + teachers) were declared to be Covid-19 positive out of the 5,12,890 who were tested across institutions.  One would have to say that the state administration’s strategy has worked and is now translating into actual numbers.

Andhra Pradesh has topped the test/million charts for over 6 months now and continues to test on war footing. This led to the cases rising to as many as 10,000 a day when the state hit its peak. It is important to acknowledge that this did not deter the vigour with which the state was testing. Multiple functionaries reiterated time and time again that the state will stick to its strategy of largescale testing despite the numbers increasing as this would lead to the doctors getting at least a week to treat the patients.

The persistence shown by the authorities, led by the CM, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has delivered for the state and the numbers prove the same. The recovery rate of the state stands at a mammoth 97.27 % with the mortality at 0.80 %. Having carried out 174788 tests/million, AP continues to top the testing charts when it comes to states. The active cases in the state coming down to a mere 16,516 despite the state reporting 8,57,395 positive cases is worth noting and was made possible by the strategies adopted.

Speaking about the number reflecting the success of the state’s strategy, Commissioner, Health and Family Welfare, Katamneni Bhaskar IAS, said,” We stuck to our strategy of largescale testing, early detection and early treatment despite the numbers increasing as we believed in our strategy. The reason why you see such low positivity rates in educational institutions is because we have tested as many as 93,33,703 people, detected 8,57,395 people, and have successfully treated 8,33,980 people. Therefore, the infection levels in the state, in general, is not as high as it could be in a few other states, and the same is reflected in the numbers that you see. We will continue to work towards winning the way against the virus and not let complacency seep in at any point’


Total no. of school visits : 39,111
No. of teachers tested : 1,29,276
No. of teachers tested positive : 1,023
No. of students tested : 2,08,796
No. of students tested positive : 458
No of colleges tested : 5515
No. of college students tested : 1,40,762
No. of college students tested positive  : 8
No. of lectures tested : 34,056
No. of lectures tested positive : 2
Positivity rate : 0.3 %

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