AP Woman Techie Suffers 80 percent Burns After Her Laptop Explodes, Situation Critical

 - Sakshi Post

YSR district: Even though the COVID-19 infection has tapered off, the tech companies have still not called its workforce to office. In some cities, the software companies have adopted a hybrid model to run the day-to-day operations. Majority of the techies are still working from home and they have to keep their laptop plugged in to avoid frequent battery draining. 

Monday was like any other work-from-home for Sumalata, a native of Mekavari village of B. Koduru mandal. Due to a short-circuit, the laptop exploded while she was working on her laptop from the comfort of her bedroom while plugging in the device for continuous power supply. As the explosion caused fire and the bed she was sitting on caught fire, the 22-year-old software engineer, who is working for Bengaluru-based MagicTech Solutions, was seriously injured. After noticing fire and smoke emanating from her room, the family members rushed to help her and she has been admitted to a Sunrise hospital. As per the doctors she has suffered 70-80 percent burns. After her condition turned critical, she was shifted to RIMS hospital for better treatment.

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