AP State Debt During Past Two FYs Lower Than Central Government

Andhra Pradesh State finances and borrowings  2020-21 - Krishna Duvvuri - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Despite the huge fiscal disability and the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020-21, the Andhra Pradesh State government has fulfilled its commitments to the  people, Krishna Duvvuri, Special Secretary (Finance and Economic Affairs) said.

Speaking to media Wednesday, he said that, “Not only has the government succeeded in putting money in the hands of people in an objective and transparent manner to help them in the hour of crisis, but also ensured that there are no hiccups in implementing welfare programmes such as Nadu-Nedu in health and education, which are to benefit the future of the state,” he said. 

He said that during these critical times it was quite unfortunate that the Opposition party and it affiliated media houses are trying to demoralize people by spreading lies, for political ends. What is to be noted is, even the opposition party is not alleging that the funds have been siphoned off or that they have been put to wrong use. They are only complaining about the debt increase in the State. During these times, debt increase is a natural phenomenon across the globe. I am confident that with the facts provided above, the public would be enlightened about this conspiracy, he stated.

Despite the severely constrained fiscal space, the present Government has done everything in supporting the people of the State. However, unlike during the times of the previous Government, the CAGR the State debt of the State debt during these two financial years is lower than that of the Central Government. The below table demonstrates the same.

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