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AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh Budget for the 2022-23 financial year is being presented to the Legislature on Friday, by State Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath. For the second time in a row, the state government is presenting a  gender-based budget in both the houses  giving priority to women's empowerment. Special allocations will be made in the budget for women and children.

Under the development fund, Rs 2 Crore will be given to each Assembly constituency and a total of  Rs 350 crore will be allocated in the budget for this purpose.

The AP Annual Budget 2022-23 estimated expenditure was at Rs 2,56,256 Crore.


Revenue Expenditure - Rs. 2,08, 261 Crore
Capital Expenditure - Rs. 47,996 Crore
Revenue deficit was at Rs. 17,036 Core
Fiscal deficit was at Rs. 48,724 Crore
The GDP revenue deficit was projected at 1.27 percent

For Navaratnalu Welfare Schemes

YSR Pension Kanuka-  Rs.18,000 Crore 
YSR Rythu Bharosa for farmers- Rs. 3,900 Crore
SC Sub Plan-Rs 18,518 Crore
ST Sub Plan -Rs 6,145 Crore
BC Sub Plan- Rs 29,153 Crore
BC Welfare- Rs 20,962 Crore
Minority Action Plan- Rs 3,532 Crore
EBC Welfare Rs 6,639 Crore
Social Welfare Rs 12,728 Crore
Economically Backward (EWS) Welfare Rs10,201 Crore
Jagannanna Vidya Deevena -Rs. 2,500 Crore
Jagananna Vasathi Deevena -Rs. 2, 083 Crore
YSR-PM Fasal Bima Yojana Insurance Scheme-Rs. 1, 802 Crore|
YSR Self-help Cooperative (Rural) Societies- Free Interest-Free Loans up to Rs. 600 Crore
YSR Self-help Cooperative (Urban) Societies- Free Interest-Free Loans up to Rs. 200 Crore
YSR Interest-Free Loans for farmers (YSR Sunna Vaddi)-Rs. 500 Crore
YSR Kapu Nestham -Rs. 500 Crore
YSR Jagannanna Chedodu-Rs. 300 Crore
YSR Vahana Mitra ( vehicles) -Rs. 260 Crore
YSR Netanna Nestham- Rs. 199 Crore
YSR Matsyakara Bharaosa (Fisheries) -Rs. 120.49 Crore
Fishermen's diesel subsidy - Rs. 50 Crore
Farmers' Ex-Gratia-Rs. 20 Crore
Law Nestham for lawyers- Rs. 15 Crore
Jagannanna Thodu-Rs. 25 Crore
EBC Nestham Rs. 590 Crore
YSR Aasara - Rs. 6, 400 Crore
YSR Cheyutha-Rs. 4, 235 Crore
Amma Vodi-Rs. 6,500 Crore

Allocations for Social Sectors

Agriculture: Rs. 11,387.69 Crore.
Medical Department 15,384 Crore
Poultry and Livestock: Rs. 1568.83 Crore
Roads and Buildings Rs. 8,581 Crore
Environment, Forest: Rs. 685.36 Crore
Higher Education: Rs. 2,014.30 Crore
Electricity: Rs. 10,281.04 Crore
Secondary Education: Rs. 27,706.66 Crore
Civil Supplies: Rs. 3,719.24 Crore
Finance: Rs. 58,583.61 Crore
General Administration Department: Rs. 998.55 Crore
Village/Ward Secretariat System: Rs. 3,396.25 Crore
Women and Child Welfare- Rs. 4,382 Crore
Sports Department -Rs. 290 Crore
Department of Industries -Rs. 2,755 Crore
Home Department -7,586 Crore
Education-Rs. 30, 077 Crore
Housing - Rs. 4,791.69 Crore
Labour and Employment: Rs. 1,033.86 Crore
Medical Sector-Rs. 15, 384.26 Crore
Social Security and Welfare: Rs. 4,331. 85 Crore
Youth welfare, Sports -Rs. 140.48 Crore
Technical Education - Rs. 413.5 Crore
Urban Development - Rs. 8,796 Crore
Drinking water, sanitation - Rs. 2, 133.63 Crore
Welfare- Rs. 45,955 Crore

For social service sectors alone Rs. 1,13,340.20 Crore was allocated which is 44. 23 percent of the total budget Apart from this, Rs. 73, 609.63 Crore was allocated for other services.

Agricultural allied sectors: Rs. 13, 630.10 Crore
Energy sector: Rs. 10, 281.04 Crore
General Eco Services-Rs. 4,420. 07 Crore
Industry and Minerals - Rs. 2,755. 17 Crore
Irrigation Flood Control-Rs. 11, 482.37 Crore
Rural Development - Rs. 17, 109.04 Crore
Science and Technology - Rs. 11.78 Crore
Transport: Rs. 9, 617. 15 Crore
A total of Rs. 69, 306. 74 Crore was allocated for the financial services sector which is 27.5 percent of the budget.

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